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I am sorry I have to call you that, but I don’t know how else to get your attention.  I hate that word.  Do you know how hard some of us have worked to get rid of that word, to deny its instant connection to the Middle East? And now look.  Look what extra work […]

Of all the things that are not eternal I deny the patience of water, the divinity of salt, and the persistence of the spider I would like to write a suicide note in three and a half languages and travel south on a Thursday towards some form of life outside of earth And although people […]

We can never know He answered me like the stillness of a star That silences us asking We are and that is all our answer We are and what we are can suffer But… what suffers loves. And love Will live its suffering again, Risk its own defeat again, Endure the loss of everything again […]

If I have loved, it is mostly because that is what I have called it. The night I left, you pressed three scars to the inside of my wrist and said It will be different with you gone. Later I marked time by their fading. But it was lazy, making you beautiful that way. I […]

After every war someone has to clean up. Things won’t straighten themselves up, after all. Someone has to push the rubble to the sides of the road, so the corpse-laden wagons can pass. Someone has to get mired in scum and ashes, sofa springs, splintered glass, and bloody rags. Someone must drag in a girder […]